Laser therapy

Laser therapy is used for numerous skin problems in our private dermatologist’s practice successfully used in Leipzig. For a treatment with the laser are in particular small veins on the face (e.g. in rosacea), spider nevi, age spots, tattoos, benign skin changes, scars and increased hair growth. In addition, modern laser systems are having great success in aesthetics dermatology used (e.g. for wrinkles and to tighten the skin). Laser treatments should be used both for medical indications and for aesthetic applications carried out exclusively by a dermatological specialist practice with laser experience become. Only scientifically recognized, modern laser systems. Dermatologist Dr. Czarnecka sure that for everyone Skin alteration, the most appropriate technology is used. What is treated with the laser in our practice in Leipzig:

  • Tattoos (Tattoo Removal)
  • Pigment spots (including age spots)
  • Vascular changes in the face and body: including blood sponges, spider
  • Nevi, enlarged veins (telangiectasia), spider veins
  • Couperose / rosacea
  • Hair removal
  • Pedunculate warts (fibroids), age warts
  • Wrinkles, skin tightening
  • Acne scars

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