Lipoedema treatment

What is Lipoedema?

Lipoedema is a disorder of the distribution of fat in legs and arms with a distinct disparity between the limbs of larger volume and (usually slim) remainder of the body. Lipoedema occurs almost exclusively in women and it is most likely dependent on hormonal changes (especially estrogen). Genetic predisposition is also taken into consideration, however, the cause of lipoedema is not fully known.

It is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a chronic and progressive disease with characteristically unpleasant pressure pain in adipose tissue and a tendency to bruise and edema formation.

Lipoedema is exhausting both physically and mentally and can lead to many secondary diseases or complications, in particular lymphedema, limited mobility, knee deformities, arthrosis of knee joints, back pain, skin maceration, skin infection, depression or eating disorders.

Disproportionately thick, “column-like” legs and large arms that do not disappear despite exercising and diet, often cause the feeling of shame in women affected by this problem, which can greatly reduce the quality of life. Due to the inhibitions, they avoid swimming pools, cannot wear high boots or ski boots, or prefer to choose extended clothing.

Women suffering from lipoedema suffer every day! Chronic physical pain (spontaneous, pressure, touch-related pain, muscle soreness-like pain) and chronic psychological stress affect all areas of life and determine the life of every woman suffering from lipoedema.

Lipoedema is often diagnosed too late, when women have already been suffering for years.

Doctors often diagnose it as overweight or obesity, which is wrong.

What is Lipoedema Treatment?

In the case of conservative therapy of lipoedema, custom made flat knit compression and manual lymphatic drainage are used regularly in order to reduce pain and edema. The surgical treatment, lymph-sparing liposuction is performed to reduce the pathological subcutaneous fat in legs and arms. The most important aim during liposuction of lipoedema performed by Dr. Czarnecka is to strive to maintain lymphatic vessels and the flow of lymph. Dr. Czarnecka is a specialist in the treatment of lipoedema by means of liposuction that preserves lymphatic vessels by performing liposuction procedures assisted with the use of a water jet. To accelerate the healing process and reduce edema after liposuction of lipoedema, Dr. Czarnecka applies her unique concept of therapy: BEMER® physical vascular therapy in combination with using a device for pressotherapy – compression massage

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